An Olympic-sized scoop

By Justin Cohen - Thursday 17th 2011f March 2011

What BEGAN as a throw-away comment by the prime minister about Iran's threat
to boycott the London Olympics, during his interview with the Jewish News,
went on to make headlines well beyond our community.

First reported on our front page last week, David Cameron's bold words that
Iran "would not be missed" if it decided to stay away from the Games in
protest against the event's 'Zion' logo, were promptly picked up by the BBC
­ becoming the most-read story on its website.

From there the story went worldwide, appearing in the Evening Standard, Daily Mirror, Jerusalem Post,Tehran Times and ITV¹s lunchtime and evening news bulletins.

And while our stories are often talked about around Friday night dinner
tables across London, on this occasion our scoop was also a hot topic of
conversation for the political and sporting elite well beyond these shores ­
with the secretary general of Iran's national Olympic committee and members
of its parliament venting their anger at the prime minister's words.

Then, three days later, it was reported that Iran will compete in London.
Indeed they'll apparently take part 'gloriously'.
We hope Tehran uses the London Games as an opportunity to finally reach out
and get to know their fellow competitors from Israel.