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Clive Lawton is the executive director of Limmud, chair of development charity Tzedek and a former head teacher of King David high school in Liverpool. The 53-year-old is also a regular contributor to the Jewish News.

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Lauren Krostosky - Thursday 31st 2007f May 2007

My Big Day

Lauren Krostosky, formally lauren wallis is an ordinary girl living in an ordinary world, here she muses over the questions of the days and lets us have an insight into her life as a newleywed living in London.

HAVING now spent two weekends and Shavuot in Borehamwood, I can safely say that I am starting to feel at home there. The community has been warm and welcoming, inviting us out for meals galore, and we keep hearing of more and more young people moving to the area which is very exciting.

It has even been named as one of the fastest growing young Jewish populations
in England. Our John Lewis gift list delivery arrived last week which was amazing – I felt like all my birthdays had come at once! No floor space could be seen in our lounge as the presents covered the entire area, and we now
have everything we need. Gift lists are a geniusidea as they reduce the risk of multiple gifts and allow purchasers to choose things that they know the recipients really want.

People also bought us some novel presents that weren’t available on our
gift list. Now that I am insured on a car, I am finally spending some time in
the driver’s seat. Although I passed my driving test five years ago,
I have never actually had my own car or the opportunity to get much practice, so it feels fabulous to actually own one. Admittedly, I was a little rusty at first and Alex turned a shade of puce as I whizzed round a roundabout, but I’m slowly improving. And so to my 23rd birthday tomorrow.

Tonight, Alex and I are going out to eat at Reubens (I definitely recommend the mango chicken!) and then to the theatre to see Avenue Q which is meant to be hilarious. On my birthday, I will be in the office as usual but will have the weekend to get some much needed r&r.

Until next time…

Lauren x