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Mark And Feť Zadek/Dombrowski (Cologne, Germany)
We wish our darling children every happiness on this special day and for always. Mazeltov.
From Gloria and Daniel Zadek
Rabbi & Mrs Leivi Sudak
Mazeltov on the wedding this week of their eldest daughter Rochelíle to Sendy Dubrawsky of Brazil.
From everyone at The Jewish News
Hazel & Michael Mazeltov on your Wedding on 21/8/05 With love
From Hoda Jacobs
Frances & David Herskine
Mazelotv to You on the recent marriage of your son Moshe to Henia of Jerusalem.
From Hannah
Martin And Ellayne Peston
Mazeltov to you both on your wedding, wishing you both lots of happiness.
From your loving parents and your Grandmother Rose
Shai / Daliah AVNIELLI / SKLAR
Mazeltov on your ENGAGEMENT in Israel. We look forward to a June wedding in Israel !
From Dale & Karen, Stanley, Layla,Gina & Tanya
Rifky/Simon Gotlieb
Mazal Tov on your wedding, may you both built a Bait Neeman Beisrael!
Rifky Gingold
Mazetovl. May we share a Bayis Ne'eman B'Yisrael and many years of happiness and health!
From Simon
Michelle And Elle Curtis
A hearty Mazaltov to Sandra, Jeff and Family.
From Welwyn Garden City Synagogue
Hetty ELL
Mazletov on the marriage of your Granddaughter Carla to James in America.
From Harold Hill (US)
Mazaltov to Jemina and James on the occasion of their marriage on the 21st January 2007.
Mazaltov to Dawn on the occasion of the marriage of her son James to Jemina Joffe.
Mazaltov to Ada on the wedding of her eldest grandchild James Shindler to Jemina Joffe.
Lauren And Alex Wallis/Krotosky
Wishing you both a wonderful future together. Love from
From All at Totally
Elisa And Richard ROTH / CURTIS
Mazaltov to Maxine and Jeffrey Roth, and Ilana and Raymond Curtis on your children's wedding.
From Edgware & Woodside Park Synagogue