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Daniel Windish
Mazeltov on your barmitzvah with love
From mum and dad
Daniel Windish
Mazeltov on your barmitzvah with love
From grandma Eva, uncle Lawrence and cousin Adam
Simon Rodin
Mazeltov on your barmitzvah
From Kingston, Surbiton & District Synagogue
Andrew And Marion Rodin
Mazeltov on Simon's barmitzvah
From Kingsto, Surbiton & District Synagogue
Marc Muswell
Mazeltov Merle, Robin, Yas and Bianca on the barmitvah of our darling grandson and nephew Marc
From Bubbi, Grandad and Hoggi
Alex Ross
Mazeltov on your Barmitzvah. All our love
From Mum, Dad, Jamie, Joshua, Zachary, Oliver, Carmel and all your family.
Moriah Eliahu
Wishing you and all the family Mazeltov and every happiness. With love
From Cousins Mavis and Alan and family.
Avi Myers
Mazel Tov on your Barmitzvah. Shabbat Shuva Oct 8th 2005, with
all our Love
From Mummy LIN...Daniella, Eli
Avi Myers
Mazel Tov on your outstanding performance love
From Jeff
Avi Myers
Mazeltov on your Barmitzvah on SHABBAT SHUVA, Oct 8th 2005.
an outstanding leining,All our Love
From Nana Joan, Baba,Grandpa Cyril,Uncle DaiDai
Jade Grant
Mazel Tov On The Barmitzvah Of Your Brother
From Claire and Kids
Jamie Dacosta
Mazaltov on your very special day. With lots of love.
From Evette, Scott, Mel, Katie, Ian and Sammie
Steven Phillips
Mazeltov Joanne, Andrew and Adam,on the occasion of Steven's Barmitzvah 5th November. Lots of Love
From Mum ,Dad, Elaine and Dean
Steven Phillips
Mazeltov on the occasion of your Barmitzvah 5th November , we hope that you have a wonderful day, lots of Love
From Nanny, Poppa, Elaine and Dean
Janson Goldberg
Mazeltov on your barmitzvah. You make your family and friends
incredibly proud of you. Hope your special day brings you amazing memories
to last a lifetime
From Mum, Dad, and Rhianna