Charlie Wolf

The world is dividing for battle into the 'haves' and 'have nots'

By Charlie Wolf - Wednesday 19th 2011f October 2011

I can imagine many well-meaning Jews swayed to support the "Occupy Wall Street" movement spreading around the world. Some advice: Don't.

The Occupy resistance movement (yes, that is an oxymoron) on the surface appeals to the Jewish sense of tikkun olam and social justice, especially in its misplaced form among liberals and reform Jews. It is, however, anti-democratic and anti-liberal. Many Jews should be shocked to join any movement that has received support from both the Communist Party and the Nazis.

More than one anti-Semitic sign has been prominently displayed. One well spoken protester is on film talking about "The Zionist Jews who are running the banks," that need to be "run out of the country". On the surface the protest appears to be well-meaning. When you try to nail the protesters down on what they are actually against and what they are for, the message is rather jumbled, rambling, confused, contradictory and inchoate. It is easy to sympathise with the many in the crowd who are out of work or having a hard time making ends meet.

Some things to note: according to the Media Research Center in the United States, the US press is giving a biased "genial" view of the protests, trying to make unfathomable comparisons with the Arab Spring and the US. Tea Party, which they are not. What they are not reporting are the ugly overtones to the crowd; including anti-Semitic signs and remarks along with the concomitant support (found with all rent-a-mob crowds) for the Palestinian cause, again a bit oxymoronic as they wish to be "occupiers". I have heard reports from people who have been among the unwashed and they are not the sort of modern-day hippies in Woodstock-upon-Hudson that one would want to believe. They are a mob, seeking mob rule, not interested in the opinions of others. There are reports of protesters defecating on police vehicles.

Yes, many in the crowd are seeking "a better world" but they, unfortunately, are useful idiots to those with an agenda that includes not reforming the system, but bringing it down. They speak openly in nihilist and anarchist terms. In the United States their goal is to do away with the US Constitution, rewriting it to their own ends.

I see this movement turning ugly and violent, although I pray I'm wrong. Rioting and violence has already broken out in Rome. Expect more in European cities as entitlement societies cope with bankrupt countries that can no longer provide everything in the sclerotic economies that they engender. In the United States, government leaders, including New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg and President Obama have been feckless in controlling this situation. Former mayor, Rudi Giuliani, has stated he would not let anyone camp out overnight in his city, "They can book a hotel". Obama has foolishly backed the protesters, using them as a campaign tool. He will regret this. Jews should not join this "movement".
We should shun it and mind our backs.

The world is dividing for battle into the perceived "haves" and "have nots". The occupy movement's slogan, the 99 percent against the one percent, says quite a lot, no matter how facilely stated. They are against "the banks" and "the corporations". We know from history, in times like these people look for scapegoats and, of course, we all know who "owns all the banks" and "controls the media" (it is no coincidence that Rupert Murdoch, seen as a Jew, is one target of the protests). Jews will be in the one percent whether they deserve to or wish to be.

Things will get worse economically and this will affect us all. One thing I learned from my Latter-day Saint friends (the Mormons) while living in Salt Lake City, was their principle of food storage and emergency planning. No, this is not due to some end-of-days Armageddon fixation, but relates right back to Joseph in Egypt interpreting Pharaoh's dream: the seven years of plenty followed by the seven years of famine. Even a multi-millionaire like presidential candidates Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman keep food storage in their homes. The Mormon welfare plan is one that should be studied by our community.

Think back to the Shoah, I have heard stories from survivors who, in the space of a week, went from rich lives to destitution. It can happen again.

Jews around the world should watch this "occupy" movement carefully and prepare for the worst. With the financial crisis as deep and long lasting as it has been, an environment of fear is spreading and these anarchists are using that fear and steering it towards their own ends.

The feeling is not too dissimilar to the 1930s and the rise of fascism and anti-Semitism.