RSGB Opts For Name Change

by Justin Cohen - Thursday 30th June 2005

The Reform Synagogues of Great Britain was this week renamed the Movement for Reform Judaism following a landmark vote.

The Movement’s council unanimously decided to make the change at its annual general meeting on Sunday.

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Rabbi Tony Bayfield, who was confirmed during the meeting as head of the new Movement, said: “The change of name is a very significant step in the development of Reform Judaism in Britain. It heralds the intention of creating a Membership Movement – with every member of every Reform synagogue being a member of the national movement.”

The Movement plans to establish direct communication with each member next year to discover how to assist people in deepening Jewish identity.

Rabbi Bayfield said: “It represents a significant shift in focus and a determination to engage with people where they are. This is a major plank of the Reform Movement’s 2020 vision which sees Reform Judaism at the heart of the community, reaching out, encouraging each individual Jewish journey.”

At last weekend’s meeting, communications expert Michael Grabiner was also elected as the first chair of the Movement.

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